We did it again – A Universal Timeless Logo

A Universal Timeless Logo, CCBPL Finance Logo

We have recently designed this logo for the Finance department of Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd.

This logo is made to represent the spirit not merely the action.

At first sight it seems a chic symbol provoking you to appreciate its finery and think of its hidden meaning. But when you pay a little more attention you discover that it’s an emblem of torch and at the same time a stylishly formed English alphabet letter F.

A torch symbolizes many things, but most commonly enlightenment, goodwill, energy, and advancement. It is a universally recognized symbol not confined to any industry or organizational function.

The style and formation of this logo is simple without any trendy design effects such as glow, shadow, gradient, emboss, etc. which makes it timeless and easy to reproduce in any medium. Absence of any lines or dots in its design makes its visibility immune to down-scaling.

The neat typeface used to write the label of the logo reflects its character and the letter F perspective of the design reminds us that whose personification this logo is.

Colors are chosen in a way that they complement each other, relate to parent company and reinforce the mood and the message that the symbol carries. Red is reflecting energy, space between two pieces represents the interdependence whereas Black is signifying confidence and consistency.

Logo designing is one of the specialized services of Eye Apple.

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