SEO Companies in Lahore

Background of SEO Companies in Lahore

SEO companies in Lahore started surfacing in 2008 for delivering SEO services in Pakistan. The trend of incorporating internet marketing came a bit late in Pakistan. Number of companies getting their websites build were few and most of them were not taking any support of SEO companies then. So mostly the initial SEO companies in Lahore were surviving on foreign clients mainly of non-English countries. SEO requires content writing as part of the process because search engines read the text to index the web page in the appropriate category and on users query search engines show most relevant results from their index. Most of SEO companies were not set up by very educated people instead they were built by technical people who learned the techniques through short courses or by their mentors. So if you see any websites developed or optimized by the old SEO companies in Lahore, you will find that most of the text written is of poor quality of the information as well as from grammatical viewpoint.

New SEO Companies in Lahore

SEO Companies in LahoreSince search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., show you the most appropriate results from the available websites and all those websites made by SEO companies in Lahore were being optimized by people of almost same educational profiles, you will hardly see good quality content websites by initial SEO companies in Lahore. This scenario has started changing after 2011 when Google started developing algorithms to prefer good quality websites while showing the results. Now if Google finds two websites optimized for a similar keyword, it will favor the one with good quality content no matter how many backlinks some shabby SEO companies in Lahore have built. Here comes the best thing about this scenario. Either the substandard SEO companies will have to improve or new SEO companies in Lahore like Eye Apple ( with good quality services will lead the way towards long lasting SEO.

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