School Prospectus: A Beautiful Brochure

Brochure Designing of a School Prospectus

We designed this beautiful school prospectus in February 2015. We tried to keep it informative yet pleasing to read. The prospectus was designed for The Knowledge Schools  system. It is a countrywide chain of  schools. The Knowledge School system is also a sister concern of University of Management and Technology (UMT).

At Eye Apple, we love brochure designing jobs. Such a job gives us an opportunity to represent the soft image of an industry. A brochure helps a company convey its complete message to the clients. A title is of prime importance in a brochure designing job. Title of the brochure must be interesting so that people like to see inside. Due to multiple pages we can use sufficient text, pictures, symbols and other useful means to convey our message. We can use various colors and effects on different pages too. The overall design must be relevant to the industry, it is representing.

There should be a uniform layout as per selected theme. The material used in a brochure is also important. Material of title and inside pages depend on use of the brochure. For instance, if it is a catalog, then using the art card is recommended. But if it is a newsletter then art paper should be preferred. If the quality of printing is poor, then even the best design will fail to impress. Appropriate finish also plays very important role in the look and feel of a brochure. For sharp colors, having a gloss finish often boost the impact of the brochure. Similarly, if the colors are moderate, matte finish enhances the impact of its grace.

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